Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'll make it to the mailbox i promise

I've never really liked the zoo. Is that a bad thing? Is it bad that after seeing about 10 animals I was ready to just sit and draw in the sun? Nah I don't think so.

It's simply lovely how green the world is and how clear the air is after a giant rainstorm. I wish it were always this way.

I love being with friends on weekdays, especially going on drives exploring La Canada.

I'm excited for mormon prom, not as excited to find a dress.

Is it weird that all during school I just get excited to come home and see Kate? I just love how whenever I turn on my music I hear a little, "I like this song."

Is it bad that I've lost almost all drive to get to seminary in the morning? YES. Does it help that I stay up late blogging?

Friday, March 18, 2011

it dawned on me

Sometimes you just need your mom. Sometimes you feel like a week plus without your rents will be a party. Sometimes it is. But sometimes it gets old rather quickly. Sometimes the week your mom decides to leave you is a week when you really need her. A week when there is some slight drama, very stressful homework, exhaustion, crying, field trip forms due and AP money due. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE having my Grandma and Valerie here. 1. They're hilarious and I love talking to them. 2. They make lovely food and keep the gummy worms and cuties in stock. 3. They're watching after us yet letting us keep our freedom. It's really been great. But sometimes you miss your family, and just wanna complain to your mom, squeeze your baby, joke around with syd and hug your dad.
Why do I get so excited about art supplies? I don't know either. That and office supplies can always make me happy. Even though school's hard things are getting better. I'm being more creative with my in class essays, I'm getting A's finally on my Stats tests, our choir is ready for the concert next week and Italy in 12 days, I'm starting a new project in art, a friend switched into my chemistry class, and i'm getting a lot of sleeping time in history...but that's not a good thing.
One more thing, I log onto facebook and see Spencer's status that informs me that he only has 2 months exactly from today till he leaves. I don't like that. But I do. AH. I'm gonna die when he leaves just watch.

LIFE IS GOOD, and Maddie is happy.

p.s. Happy Birthday Jane my best friend. I miss you. If I were there I would make you cookies and give you a lovely present and say happy birthday way too many times, and we'd go for a drive. Just imagine that, it's almost as good as it happening. Love you

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm obsessed with this song.

As soon as I'm done with my bucket load of homework I'm going to make more opportunities. I feel like there's so much more I could be doing and accomplishing. Just you wait.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Want to go to the seaside?

First of all, how come the one saturday that all my family is gone (meaning I could sleep in till whenever and no one would get mad) my body just wakes me up at 7:30. Not only that, why did I just pop out of bed and come downstairs, watch some new on Japan and make  myself some eggs. I didn't even attempt to make myself go back to bed like I usually do. It's not because my body is well rested because I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep this week and I went to bed rather late last night. Weird. 

Second, who tpeed us last night? It's rather odd because I didn't think anyone knew us, better yet knows where we live. Oh well it's kind of exciting. And they only got three sheets up because Brent and Sam scared them and chased them. 

Third, let me tell you about my thursday night. Whitney Kofford came out to visit with her two college friends Erica and Stephanie. After school we all got in her giant truck and went to hike the hollywood sign. This was the second time I've done this and it's such a good hike. It's fairly easy and if you time it right, like we have, you can get to the top as the sun is setting and hike down when it's dusk and you can see all the lights of LA and Hollywood, it's beautiful. Afterwards we went to Santa Monica, walked around 3rd street then ate at Umami Burger and Fraiche. Umami good, Fraiche bad. I love when I have exciting weekdays. 

Fourth, my mother, father and syd are on a cruise without me. I'm trying not to think about it cause I'm really jealous. 

Fifth, there's a stake dance tonight and I'm so ready to dance. It's been awhile. 

Sixth, my friends are still awesome and are still giving me such good music. Here's some of my recent favorites:
Seventh, I'm making a goal to read the Book of Mormon again by easter. It's going to be hard but I just want to do it. And now that I've written it I actually have to follow through, I'll let ya know how it goes.

Eighth, 18 days till...

Fun fact: When we're in Italy we're doing an exchange with an Italian high school. But before we sing with them they're going to teach us all how to make pizza. Isn't that awesome? Also we're going to have a workshop with monks. right on

Monday, March 7, 2011

There's too much but not enough

WHY are mondays so miserable? It wasn't even 20 minutes into first period and I had already sent Ali a text that said, "let's call mom to take us home." Sadly we didn't follow through with our plan but ah well.
WHAT would I do without art? But really. This exact thought came into my mind today while I was doodling during the extra time in class, "what would I do if i didn't draw, ugh...I'd have to read"
WHO am I going to be friends with next year when Brent, Scott, Jacob, Brennan, Chelsey and SPENCER are all gone?
WHEN am I going to get to go to a concert again? I wasted an hour last night looking up my favorite artists and just anyone that might be good that was coming in concert soon. Yeah so far I found no one. Come on this is LA everyone is supposed to play here!

I'm not really in this bad of a mood. I realized this makes me look like a downer. I've just been in a strange mood today. As I mentioned Ali and I were both hatin school today and then we got home and we went crazy. Way too hyper. Why are we so weird together? We looked up the Sony Bravia commercials that we used to be OBSESSED with.

watch it, it made us happy so it will most likely make you happy.
 I had an Italy choir practice from 5-6:30 after school today and it was terrible. Usually I love those but as we walked in the sun was starting to set and it was windy, but warm and I just felt trapped the whole practice knowing I could be outside watching the sunset. I guess there's always tomorrow.

sorry this post was just out there. thanks for bearing with me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I was made for sunny days

*I wish I could get that picture bigger but I don't know how. That's me on the very right. This is at the MOCA (museum of contemporary art) in LA. They had a special exhibit called SupraSensorial. It was SO awesome I can't even explain it. I wanted to live there. They had this small building within the building that had clean white walls, floors, and ceilings. You had to wear little booties to keep it clean. There were three areas separated by walls and each had a different neon light; green (the above pictures), then red, then blue. If you looked at the ceiling they mixed and made a rainbow. It was AWESOME.            

*For those of you, most of you, who haven't been to my school it's all white. Every wall is completely white. Someone graffitied it (as seen in picture) and although that's not good I love it. It looks SO cool.
*This past weekend was Missionary Weekend. AKA all the Juniors and Seniors in the stake meet up at the church friday night and get small classes from some missionaries and here from the mission president. Then they all sleep at their leaders houses then meet back up at the church on Saturday. We eat breakfast, and get our "calls". I went to Pasadena and served with Sister Snow and Sister Pack. They were so funny and we had such a good time. We had two lessons planned with recent converts and it was fun to get to add my testimony to theirs. Then we met back at the church around 5, had dinner and a testimony meeting. I really liked it.
*Speaking of missions!! AHH Spencer is holding his call as we speak...type...read...whatever. I'm so excited for him, slash a little sad. We're opening at 4 our time via skype. I wish I could be there but skype will have to do.
*Friday is The Roads Benefit Concert, aka my friends band. I'm so excited.
*My phone has been broken for a week. I can read other's texts but the touch screen is out so I can't respond. It's torture. Well let my qualify that so you don't all thing I'm obsessed with my cell phone. I actually like that texted most of the time, but it's so frustrating because it seems like now that my phone doesn't work all these random people are texting me. People that I would LOVE to text back cause I haven't talked to them in forever. But alas I can't. And I'm not quite sure when I'm getting a new phone. No one, NO one here has t-mobile so I can't steal someone's old phone as I would do in Utah. Ah well life goes on.
*Oh and all my senior friends (most of my friends) got accepted to BYU and will be leaving me the day after graduation for summer semester. I don't wanna talk about it.
*28 days till italy.  whatup