Monday, March 12, 2012

Life according to everyone else's Iphone photos

 Missionary Weekend. So, SO awesome. All of the juniors and seniors in the stake have a 24 hr. mission. I got sent to Torrence, which is kind a little sketchy. I was paired up with Sister Malani from Fiji. She was so  amazing. Since she wasn't the driving companion we got to ride bikes all day. Riding bikes in a skirt on a windy day is HARD. Anyway we ended stopping on the street and trying to give a card to just about everyone we could see. We ended up finding two new investigators! It got me all pumped about missionary work, I especially felt a cool connection this year knowing Spencer was doing the exact same thing.
 I suggested to my ward here that we do a Road Rally like we did In Bountiful. I was with all my best friends and it was so much fun. Bottom right picture is Brother Frame our advisor, he couldn't figure out why the iPhone camera was always facing him, it was hilarious.
 It's the art show at LCHS! Woo. All of the art portfolio students, which is the highest class, get their own panel. It's pretty exciting, that's my panel above. It's so incredible the art talent we have at my school, kind of intimidating but cool.
Almost a month ago we had our big Y&G weekend up in Sacramento. It was such a cool experience. It's insane that 2,500+ California students are so excited about government. It was so fun to meet new people, and get to know those around you even better. It's hard to explain but it was awesome. AND I found out I got into BYU while I was there!! (top left picture) So relieved. I can't wait to get up there.
Instead of going to Backwards we got a group together and decided to go to Six Flags. I was terrified, the biggest roller coaster I had been on was Collusus haha. It was such a fun day. The rides were so crazy. I felt like I was going to die the whole time and ended up in tears from laughing so hard on every ride. Funny story I was walking with my friend Sam and we spotted two girls and I said, "bet you $20 they're mormon."Their flowers in hair, bermuda shorts and cap sleeves totally gave it away. We ended up right behind them in the next line and Sam and I started talking very loudly about anything uniquely mormon we could, like mentioning General Conference, and mutual and you name it. They kept turning around and finally we asked if they were mormon and sure enough they were. So funny.

Life is good, Maddie is happy.

Roadtrippin it

Conversation that occurred this morning.
Ali: "Maddie get up we're late for seminary!"
Me:"I think I'm going to sleep through I need to shower anyway."
Ali "Maddie get up we're late for school!"
Me: "Oh darn, just leave me I'll come late to Geology (1st period)."
Me: Wake up at 11 AM. Definitely not going to school hahah.
Why was I so tired?? Cause I just had the best weekend eeevvveer aka the Chamber Tour up the coast to San Fran. I'll give you a few highlights:
*bus rides singing sitting next to Austin singing at the top of his lungs (^Austin)
*my many talks with my friend Brandon about our religions and our little siblings. He's 13 years apart from his little brother and we just talked about how cute it is to have someone so little running around the house and how badly we want to be close with them when we're older.
*waking up at 6 to watch the sunrise on the beach which turned out to be watching the moon (I was obsessed with the moon this week, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen) reflect onto the ocean and the sky turn pink. (the sun rose on the other side of our hotel ahah ah well.)
*Cindy's Polaroid camera, I need one. I really do.
*Walking around Carmel, so quaint. I got a pear shaped candle to add to my collection.
*Singing in the Mission in Monterey, there is always a unique spirit when we sing in a church, no matter what the religion.
*Lunch on the pier in Monterey with the view of the bay the mass of sea lions grunting and the cutest little sea otter that couldn't stop clapping his little paws together. Possibly my new favorite animal.
*Singing at the Church in the Forest. The wall behind the alter was all glass that looked into the forest, It was beautiful.
*Nailing our songs at the San Jose Festival and the clinician not really having anything to say but "That was superb, some college choirs would love to sound like that."That was really exciting.
*Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge with the choir.
*Staying up way too late going from room to room, playing cards, having dance parties or jamming.
*Ghiradelli Square and Union Square
*Dinner Cruise around the bay. Seriously the highlight. We all dressed up, had dinner then spent the whole night dancing. So fun. of course we ran up to the top deck for when we passed under the Bridge. (no one has posted the cute picture yet so you get the spazzy one.)

I know I'm leaving stuff out but basically it was a really great weekend and I am so lucky to be in this choir!