Thursday, March 25, 2010

oh i just love it

So... it's already the fourth term of my sophomore year at Bountiful High School. Weird! I really don't want it to end for two reasons. 1. The end of this school year means the end of my time in Bountiful and the end of my time at Bountiful High. But that is a subject for another day :) 2. I really and truly just love high school! I love just about everything about it. I love driving around with friends with the music blasting and everyone just singing at the top of their lungs. Or driving through the school parking lot and waving to different people, honking here and there. I love walking into the crowded foyer and seeing everyone. I even love the classes. I love being around so many people my age. I love meeting new people practically everyday. I love that teachers let you listen to your ipod and text. I love going out to lunch. I love how the officers play music in between classes. I love how many people there are. I love going to things. Football's my all time favorite but i just like to be at things in general. Whether it's baseball, soccer, drill, choir concerts, dances or basketball it's just so fun to see everyone dressed in their brave attire and having a good time! I love having good friends. I love how funny some kids can be. I love it when you actually feel good about a test you've taken. I love hanging out on friday and saturday nights. I love being able to drive. I love foreign exchange students. I love my art class. I love having choir with 90 sophomore girls. I love musical. I love not really having to worry about having a job. I love being the youngest grade in the school. I love having my brother look out for me. I love doing homework with good friends. I love being a brave. I love Bountiful High School. Oh I just truly love it all :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my baby

Kate Elizabeth Blake

Well I'm in love with my little sister, it's official. She's perfect!! Seriously I just can't get enough of her. Today was one of the days when I've been babysitting her. It's been just me and baby from 9:30 to currently 12 but it's still going. Although sometimes she's a little whiny of won't sit still i still love it. I just put her down about 15 minutes ago and I already want her to wake up so i can squeeze her and kiss her. Kate's a little spoiled not gonna lie, there's rarely a moment when either Mom, Dad, kids, Lala, friends or aunts aren't holding her. Well all i gotta say is i love her and i can't believe our family went 8 years without her!

story of her life.
my absolute favorite, when she falls asleep in my arms

Monday, March 15, 2010


So I recently returned from Hawaii:) Princeville, Kaua'i to be exact. I looove it there. Flying in was amazing, looking at the crystal turquoise water and the green green palm trees and mountains, absolutely beautiful! When we got there our driver was there with fresh lei's for the whole family. The car had lemon toilettes and fresh bottled waters for all of us, can you say spoiled?? When we got to the hotel, the St. Regis all of us kids were giddy. It's gorgeous!! We got another fresh lei and walked into the lobby where there was live music nightly. We got to our rooms and looked out our windows to the ocean, no joke right out side our windows, we spent the next 4 days with them open wide to let in the warm sun and to hear the waves. Actually one time we were all in our parents room, I went into the kids room to get something and i walk in to find 4 birds just chillin in our room. I hate birds so of course i freaked out and they all flew away! :)
Here are the things we did on the trip some of them over and over again:
Beach, Pool, Lay-out, Hanalei, snorkel,
watch disney channel and Everybody hates chris,
listen to the grreaat guitar player/singer in the lobby, play with
laugh at sydney's sassy comments, laugh over kate'
s endless faces in pictures,
take lots of pictures, Hanalei with just us kids,
meet new people,
bagels and smoothies at the Napali cafe, go to hideaway beach,
watch the rain (It rained off and on everyday), workouts with Tony Horton Mr. P90x himself, shopping at the surf shops, loving the warm weather

Pretty much it was paradise. i loved every minute :)