Saturday, October 15, 2011

this is of importance

Things that made this week exciting:
*I bought two things of silly putty-it's an obsession
*I heard Christmas music playing in a store. (exciting/confusing)
*First Choir Concert as a Chamber Singer, so great
*family GNO at Ichiban
*birthday dinner for Lauren and Karley Mackay with 24 of my favorite people
*Going on to the roof of LCHS-sooo pretty

The next exciting fact has to do with a group called Invisible Children. It's a foundation that is helping to fight against the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda/Central Africa. There is a man named Joseph Kony who has been abducting many, MANY children and turning them into soldiers and forcing them to kill and do terrible things. Today President Obama announced that he will send 100 soldiers to central Africa to help stop Kony. This is so great. My friends and I are currently working with Invisible Children on their Frontline Tour fundraising project. The money from this project is going to help build radio towers so that villages will be able to get a warning before the LRA arrives. It also goes into foundations that help with the traumatic recovery of the returned children. If you can DONATE anything or want to LEARN more then click here:

Invisble Children-Maddie Blake's fundraising page  and watch THIS

This is my fundraising page, sadly I don't have any money yet but our team as a whole is doing well but we can always do better! Spread the word. THANKS

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ive always been a fan of long car rides

So I just returned from our Chamber retreat up in the mountains of Badger(4 hours away). I always learn a lot when I go on trips like this so here we go:
*Never underestimate the power of a compliment, a smile or a hug. Sometimes its the people you assume already know they are great, or that seem confident that really need it the most. Also recognize that there is always something good to say to someone, because there is good in everyone. I really believe that.
*There's something magical about being in the mountains. First of all it was strinkingly beautiful. There were huge trees covered in green moss and red ladybugs. A river ran through the center of the camp with quaint bridges. I can't really explain how happy it made me. I've really come to be overwhelmed with the beauty of nature that God has created all for us. It's amazing. The second reason I love being in the mountains is because it's a barrier from the rest of the world. There aren't any distractions and no where for people to escape to. You get to spend time with people that don't run in your same circles. People are truly themselves, raw and clean, stripped of their highschool masks. I love it, I wish I could see all of my peers this way because it makes it so much easier to love them.
*My choir teacher Mr. Brookey has gone way up on my respect level. He spends so much time and effort for his choirs. He said two things that stuck with me. The first is to surround yourself with beauty and to eliminate conflict. Beautiful things, people, music and experiences. Its so simple but I needed to hear it. The second was that there is never too much love to give. That is so true. I'm working on that. It's amazing how much happier you are when you start to forget yourself.
*Something finally clicked with our choir. It was a combination of getting the notes down, passion and blending as people and good friends. We finally made music. I think I've mentioned that we're singing a song called Water Night by Eric Whitacre. It breaks up into 14 parts and its so beautiful. The poetry behind it really gets me. Anyway our last practice was when everyone really got into it. It was such a special moment when we hit our big chords. I heard an old guy outside the door say, "woah, that sounds so good. It kind of hurts." I couldnt help but smile. Music is powerful and I'm so happy that I get to share it with others.
*Sunday morning 5 of us mormon kids in the choir as well as our seminary teacher (who was also a chaperone) woke up early and walked to the top of the camp and had a small church meeting. It was another special moment for sure. Even though it was freezing and we were all exhausted and dressed in sweats instead of dresses the spirit was the same.

Anyway, it was an unforgettable weekend.
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