Saturday, January 28, 2012


A quick So SoCal: You know you live in Southern California when...
*a street is closed on the way back from lunch because of a movie set
*When it's winter and it's 80 degrees, leaves are still falling, and flowers are blooming. The seasons here are really confused. Winter break felt more like summer break.
*When Winter Formal is at a club in Hollywood. (El Rey)

Guys I went to dance here in La Canada. WOO. haha I know you're just so excited for me! My date was Brandon (featured in the picture on the left), and it was SO much fun. I had such a fun group, mostly choir kids (almost all my friends are from choir). We ate at my favorite restaurant Umami Burger, then headed down to the dance. The dance itself was way fun, much better than I expected. We ended the night by getting milkshakes at in-n-out and watching A Walk To Remember, or sleeping through A Walk To Remember if you were me. Basically it was a lovely night.
I realized something big. I feel like I fit in here, finally. I love my friends, I love my school and I love California. I realized something else big as well, I have one semester left in high school. Wha?? How did this happen? It's going to be a good semester though I've got a lot to look forward to. Choir Tour up the coast to San Fran, Atlantis with my Dad's work, the art show, Mormon prom wooot, spring break in Yosemite and hopefully a lot of fun adventures in between.
Life is beautiful and Maddie is happy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh by the way

1. I went to sanfransisco (picture of me at the MOMA)
2. I went to the Natural History Museum and was blown away with how beautiful the minerals are.
3. Got these lovely things for Christmas
4. I went to New York with Dad and Ali. It was amazing. I love that city.
5. I finished my skateboard for art
6. I went to the mormon rollerskating night, so fun.
7. I went to the MOCA in LA, it is a small little thing.
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