Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

marry me bon iver...or just continue to make great music

Sometimes the clouds are just plain awesome and you have to take a picture...even if you are driving.

Sometimes you get your brothers lovely car (SIMBA is his name) and you finally clean it all out and switch his stuff for yours and it feels good. Then sometimes you think you're good at driving the little stick shift but then you stall multiple times in the middle of a busy street and its really scary.

Sometimes your best friend leaves on a mission to Siberia and it hurts. But it feels good cause he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. But still. This picture is weird I know it's pretty funny I think. I look like I wanna fight someone...wait I do. But now that Spencer is gone I don't have anyone that will really fight with me. Ah well

Sometimes you just need to sit in the middle of a garden of pink roses and talk with your best friend about everything. Where no one can see you and you're surrounded by flowers and you can hear the peacocks in the distance.

*sometimes I realize my mood matches the sky perfectly
*sometimes I just can't stop smiling
*sometimes my mind is blown once again by favorite movie
*sometimes I find really good music that I just can't stop listening to and I don't want to stop and then sometimes it makes me cry and then sometimes it makes me excited and the sometimes I am completely consumed by it. But all the time I just love it.
*sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world and that nothing can hold me down
*sometimes I get excited about the future

Monday, May 16, 2011

My other half

A lot of things have changed since we moved here to the lovely LC. Some really good changes some sad but I'm so thankful for a huge change I've had involving the newly 15 year old Allison Paige. When we lived in Utah Ali and I were never that close, it was usually Spencer and me who did things together and had the inside jokes. Ali and I usually had pretty short patience with each other especially about having to pick her up all the time or stealing each others clothes. My Mom would always tell us, just wait one day you girls will all be good friends like Kelly Misty and I are, we always had the same response, "yeah sure we get it mom." BUT. How the turn tables. Ali is now by my best friend. She truly is, some of you may be skeptical claiming of course, family is always the best friend, but no. Literally she is my best friend.We stick together. I've often said that Utah and California feel like two different lives to me. Ali's the only one that gets them both. She knows how it was, how I was, and how it is now. We sing together, we laugh at and with each other (we think we're hilarious), we make stupid music videos together, we hang out together, we go to lunch together, we live in the second house together, we share friends, we share clothes, we tell each other everything, we get mad at each other but usually not for long, we cry together. I think I'm more myself around her than anyone else. I'm REALLY glad that high school is 9-12 in California cause I can't imagine what this year would have been like without her. She's my safety net we always have each other to lean on. Basically she's fantastic. She's pretty, funny, spazzy, kind, strong, loving, sincere, passionate and smart.

I love you Little One. I'm so excited we still have a whole year of high school left ahead of us. I look up to you a lot, you're so beautiful and brave. Hang in there. Blake girls yeah!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From the archives of Madison's phone

i lied...

Im in love. with spring. Seriously I cant get over how beautiful things are right now. Everything is so green and the flowers, the flowers are so big and bright and incredible and the weather is so warm and everyone's getting tan again and im just happy. I just want to be outside allll the time. Yesterday i took a nap on the tramp in the shade and today i escaped and sat on a bench in a little park by a cute little gazebo surrounded by beautiful flowers and i just spilled my emotions and everything i was thinking into my journal while listening to my favorite songs. It was perfect. Ive been really stressed lately with the massive hoards of homework and the upcoming AP exams (which I just realized today that my stats and language are on the same day haha woo) but not anymore. Life's too good to be stressed.

APRIL 22: A truly great day from start to end. It was Mormon Prom at the Natural History Museum aka Night at the Museum. It was so bomb, and probably my favorite part was the fact that there were free photo-booths. If you know me you know I love photo-booths. I took probably 20 sets, don't even worry.
here's just one for your enjoyment:
APRIL 27-30: Trip to Utah round 2. We got to go to Lala's wedding which was beautiful. It was SUCH a gorgeous day and the flowers at temple square are amazing right now and she looked beautiful and everyone was happy and I was just loving the love. I can't wait to get married in the temple. ALSO I got to go to my favorite place in the world everyday for 3 days straight. I seriously love the Bountiful Temple, it's my temple. 
ALSO. Ali found my wolf earrings yesterday. Shout out to a great sister.