Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ballad of Bird Love- Blitzen Trapper. (look it up)

This was the beginning of my very great weekend. Brent, Sam, Ali and I walked around Old Town, Pasadena on thursday before our family headed down to Las Vegas for my mother's gig. Great pictures yes?

Thursday-Saturday morning we were in Vegas. We avoided the strip completely which I was happy about. My mom's gig went very well. The mascot of the high school they played at was a wolf so they had wolves painted all over the school, it was rad. The band was really good and I loved watching mom have so much fun.

Saturday afternoon-Monday afternoon was the ward camp out in Carpinteria, CA. Our family rented an RV which was such a good thing because it was rainy and really cold friday night. The weekend consisted of ipod star, card games, church(the addition of our ward pretty much doubled the size of the ward up there), playing on the beach, late night grocery store runs, talking in the RV/cars, fire pits, testimony meeting, guitars and ukes, raccoons, and fun people. It was absolutely lovely. It is still so cool to me that I now live so close to the beach. Our camp ground was right on the beach and it was beautiful. Check this out:
photo credits: Sam Blasucci

Back to reality. I've got a stats test tomorrow, and a 5 page essay from Orwell to annotate and prepare for an essay tomorrow. This weekend is missionary weekend, aka splits with the missionaries. I'm excited.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Say HI

I've had so much to write about but no time to write it. This past week has been CRAZY but good. Monday and Tuesday were musical auditions (Beauty and the Beast). Ali was the only freshman girl who made it, that's a BIG deal. Go Ali!! Wednesday was New Beginnings, (Your Happily Ever After was the theme based on President Uchtdorf's talk) which Chelsey and I were in charge of. It was a lot of work but it endedup being a lovely evening. Thank you madre for all your help in that category. I just feel like I've been so busy this past week and I don't like it. Anyway.
Thursday I went to Sunthrift with a group of friends. Basically a GIANT DI, pretty great. Most people got clothes but I walked out with these gems:A polaroid camera- $4-no film-still is sweet looking
A cool looking book- I have no idea what this book is and I don't care. I'm going to destroy it and make it art.
A rainbow candle that Brennan bought for me. sweet!
It was very funny to me because everything I saw there, my first thought was something about how I could make it into art.

There is a fabulous website called stumbleupon.com basically you click boxes of things you are interested in and then hit stumble and it pulls up sweet websites in those categories. It's kind of addicting, no it's really addicting. Here is my favorite thing I've stumbled upon lately
OH. I finished my old journal and got a new one! YES.

My mom came home the other night with this sweet addition to my room.

This weekend was really fun. We did a lot of random fun things, including finally using our fire pit. Check it out:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

get lost and then get found

Well here's the deal. I was originally going to post about things that drive me crazy like my annoying chemistry teacher who I wanted to punch in the face (I've always had a hard time getting along with certain teachers. Teachers who think they are better than me/their students. It's ridiculous I'm not going to give you respect if you don't give me respect, that's just how it works), or how I'm extremely done with school but instead I'm going to post about things I like. yay for being happy!

*On the way to seminary today my dad made Ali and I listen to some speech, I don't even know that it is but this guys philosophy was that if you change, everything else will change for you. I like it.
*I also like going to random free concerts at Amoeba. AND I like the Coldplay album I purchased while there
*I like how Ali and I always meet on the bridge during break and that different people have started to join us everyday.
*I really like pens. Papermate pens to be exact. I was always slightly annoyed with the kids in high school who would only use pen. For EVERYTHING, even math, never made sense to me. It totally does now. I'm totally one of those kids.
*I like when Kate says creepy. It's so funny
*I like when people tell me they're coming to see me, YAY JANE, YAY JAKE!
*I really like card games, always have. Just bought a new deck of cards, I'm going to be breakin them out this weekend you can be sure of that.
*I actually really liked writing two essays during English today. Things are finally starting to click.
*I like going off campus for lunch.
*I REALLY liked the world of color at Disneyland/California Adventures. Seriously, it made me so happy.
*I like that there is only one full week of school for us in February.
*I like my new seat in History and that we're going to have a sub for a couple of days.
*I like that Sister Dalton is coming to speak to us this weekend. SO excited!
*I like that my iTunes is on shuffle and is whippin on some old classics. Currently on N*Sync.

I like that I'm now in a better mood. I'm going to go work out with Kenzie, finish my homework, look up some good music, jam with sam and sleep. GO TEAM