Sunday, April 18, 2010


It feels soooo good to have some nice weather here in Utah where the weather is bipolar. I'm so scared that i'll just be 75 one day then snow the next. So far so good it's stayin pretty warm. I love spring. looove it. I love driving with the windows down, sunglasses on and your favorite song playing ahh what a great feeling. I love wanting to be outside all the time and being able to wear shorts if I so feel obliged. I love seeing green grass and blossoming trees! This year especially i'm holding on to spring, i don't want it to end.

oh! While I was in Cali with the fam my aunt Julianne played us a new church cd she had found and i instantly wanted it. Of course both my mom and I forgot to have her burn it for us before we left (We forget everything). We finally picked it up at the good ol' DB (desert book..) and i've been listening to it since. It's called Nearer and it's gooood. I just can't explain how much i love good music.

Prom is in a week!! I can't wait it'll be a party! I found a dress that i love and it's floor length (which means i can wear keds with it, good thing cause Maddie and heels don't go together haha). I'll give you the low down about how everything goes sometime don't you worry. :)

One more thing! It was the lovely Berkeley Crowell's birthday on thursday!! Jayne and I decided we wanted to make a cake for her. So about 23 minutes before we wanted to take it up to her we decided we wanted more people to join us. So 20
minutes later, 20 texts later about 20 friends showed up and we surprised Berk with our lovely cake! It was fun i love stuff like that. I love being with people. here's a couple pictures of the grand event. Sorry they're blurry they're from my phone.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's my lovely mother's birthday. I won't tell ya how old she is cause that's just rude, ok she's turning 40. :) My mom is one of the coolest mom's you'll ever meet. seriously she's awesome. Even though sometimes I act really annoyed by her, i still really love her. My mom is pretty darn funny and don't worry she knows it. Whether she's spitting water trying to act like she's SO surprised, or trying to come up with witty comebacks she's just funny.
I love how much mom wants to be a part of my life and involved with school, friends, boys etc. It's always driven me nuts how when a friend calls for me and she answers, they'll spend a longer time talking to her then they do talking to me. But secretly I love that she likes my friends and that they like her too. I love how hip she is even trying to understand why rappers say "shawty" in every song haha.
I love her taste in muisc, clothes, home decorations, art and movies (not the british ones those are boring..). And I love that she shares her clothes and jewelry with me! I love her blog, it's very amusing. I love how selfless she is. I pretty much just love everything about her. happy birthday momicita :)

just some friendly conversation

While watching Rihana's previous performance being played back during the live results show of American Idol, and seeing Rihana's dancers wearing medal plates and grinding power tools across them to get the spark effect, the very cute Tim Urban turns to me with a confused face and says, "What the heck. This is so weird. I think I'm gonna have that in my next performance." Me: "Oh i think that'd be great, you know what? I'll do it for ya." We both just laughed and continued watching. nbd

During commercial break right after Lee had just found out he's safe he looks and it's clear he's still very nervous. Me: "You OK? You know you're safe, w
hy are you still nervous?" Lee: "Ok, well you see I'm not one of those guys who's just like 'hey! what's up! How you doing!?' I'm
very serious about this and My bro Andre
w is still in the bottom two so i'm nervous for him." Me: "Gotcha. That totally makes sense." Honestly I think he's a good singer but
he was kinda weird, just sayin.

As if the whole American Idol experience wasn't enough on the way home we saw Jay Leno out interviewing people. My dad, Ali and I jumped out of the car and ran over to get a picture. After taking a picture with us and asking us where we're from he decided interviewing a Utahn would be perfect for the segment he was doing. So he asked my Dad if he could interview him about cheating. My Dad assumed he meant cheating in school, but he quickly realized it was about cheating on your spouse. I don't think they'll use his interview because Dad's consistent No to asking whether he's cheated or looked at Playboy etc. is probably too boring for them. Oh well at least we got a picture!
Anyway it was definitely one very exciting day, I don't know why but I think seeing stars is so fun. well Cali is a great place for VACATION that's for sure. :)