Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 de octubre

HALLOWEEN = my least favorite holiday

The one good thing about halloween is that it means my birthday is the next holiday followed closely by Thanksgiving and then my favorite time of year: Christmas. YAY

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sweet and Sour

Being in Bountiful was a fresh of breath air. It was so nice to take a break from school and see all of my friends. The football game was SO much fun. The dance was jammin. The temple and visits with LaLa were much needed. BYU game was so intense and fun. Seeing Spencer was so fun. I wanna be like him one day. Seeing friends and Kate was so great.
It was very interesting though because as much as I love Bountiful, and how familiar and natural it feels to be there, it doesn't feel like home anymore. In some ways I feel like I don't belong anymore. I got really nervous going to the football game, school and the dance. I felt like people thought I was just a wannabe brave now. It was so good to see everyone. My good friends, and even the friends from class. It was sad because all though I've only been gone a handful of months, a barrier is starting to form between my bountiful friends and me. There's not much to talk about anymore. I've grown to dislike two questions "What are you doing here?" and "How's California?" I don't like them because most people don't reallly want the answer. In the end I was actually really happy to be back. It's really fun getting to know new people. It's really nice to sleep in your own bed.

just do it

I often have times where I find myself having to make a decision. Last night I was up late with homework, exhausted and still hadn't finished most of my homework. As I was going to bed I was very worried about how the following day (today) would unfold. I wanted so badly to just not go to school today. Just skip it, study more for my history test, get caught up in stats, take more time to write my english paper, and have more time to study chemistry. Instead I found myself waking up at 5:15 ready to face another day. I went to school unprepared for my history test, with only half of my stats assignment done, a poor job studying for a chemistry quiz and with a not so great paper for english, but at least I was at school. Today was a really good day actually despite of all those things. I was happy and that outweighed my stress. In the end it's always better to face reality. It's surprising how when you do what you know is right things just work out. One time last year I really really didn't want to go to seminary. I wasn't feeling well, and I was really sad about the move that day. I forced myself to go to class and I'm so happy I did because that lesson was just what I needed that day. Be where you're suppose to be, do what you're suppose to do. Sounds simple because most of the time it is.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do share

We're going to take it back first grade style and practice some sharing. I will share some of my favorite music as of now and you can comment and share your favorite music.

Click, click, click, click by Bishop Allen
Last Leaf by Ok Go
any song by Seabear
You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf
Shoreline by Deas Vail
Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World

Pretty much this list isn't very good. I could think of a lot more if I really tried. Mostly I would just love it if you would enlighten me with good music. Much appre

oh also here are some lovely pictures from Universal Studios Horror Nights. LOVED It. oh and two other pictures from the choir concert.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's like christmas

Sorry this may be a little long. I haven't felt like I have anything to blog about until BAM all of the sudden there's too much. Bear with me, at least there are some good pictures for once.

I got these two books at school on tuesday and they make me really happy.

Picked this one up in choir. Seriously all I can think about is going to Italy. aHHH. the new Cake Boss (my favorite show) was a special about Buddy, and family, in Italy and it just got me even moreee excited. Mambo Italian baby.


LOVE this one. It goes through a bunch of different art professions, things you can do in high school to better your chances of getting into an art school, an
d a personal test to see if you are truly an artist. Haven't taken it yet but I'm excited. I basically take this thing with me to every class I love it. It's so rad.

Una Volce La Canada High School Fall Choir Concert 2010
me-concert choir, megan-chamber, tyler-concert, ali-women's ensemble

Last night was the first choir concert of the year! It was really good!! Choir here is way different then it was in Bountiful. The Chamber here was phenome
nal. We sing more classical pieces but I'm starting to like that! We had one Native American song that was really cool, animal noises, drums, rainsticks, we had it all.

7 days ladies and gents! Then I will be back in Bountiful Utah 84010. I'm going to the Halloween Dance with my Bff Jeff Derricott, aka Peff. This is how I asked him:
Too bad he won't get it until Saturday. It's ok we've already established that we're going together I just wanted to send this for fun! CAN'T WAIT.


Monday, October 4, 2010


*Someone called me soft spoken and patient, I guess they don't know me very well.
*I love 103.5 love songs on the coast, aka oldies. soo great
*Baby kate just watched the entire Jonas LA, lying in my arms, mesmerized.
*I've realized I have a fair amount of friends at school, not so much on the weekends.
*Mambo Italiano has been stuck in my head for over a week.
*School pictures were today, I hate taking pictures. Luckily they didn't turn too bad.
*I've looved seeing everyone's Homecoming pictures.
*I am soo (times 19348) excited to be in Utah for the Halloween dance (football games, friends, temple, family, etc)!
*Conference was much needed and wonderful as always.
*Sydney turned the radio on in the other room then left, It's the spanish channel...not quite sure why she turned it on to that. It's kind of entertaining I think I'll leave it on.
*I'm obsessed with Last Leaf by Ok Go.
*We don't have mutual this week which is sad, I actually like mutual.
*It was barely sprinkling all day and everyone was wearing their sweatshirts and boots. People looked at me like I was crazy when I was only wearing a t-shirt, "Aren't you cold??" They don't know cold.