Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homework Helper

I'm aware it's not a good picture of either of us but I had to document the moment. I've been very stressed because I have a HUGE paper due in my english class and I just can't figure out what to write. I'll sit in front of the computer for an hour and not write anything. LAME. Anyway baby came and snuggled up next to me in my parent's bed for 30 minutes and just ate Wheat Thins while I wrote my paper. It made me happy. Love her even though she's being a stinker lately. Well I've really got to get back to writing 7 pages about why man needs society. boooorrrinnngg.

imagine that.

Urban Outfitters has a wonderful collection of vintage cameras. I want one of these cameras REALLY bad. I'm aware that the quality is probably not that great, but look at them! They are beautiful.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Holy War

Tomorrow's the big game. BYU Cougars vs. Utah Utes. I love the rivalry, always have. You can't quite understand it unless you've lived in Utah.

Growing up in the Blake family there is one lesson that is engraved into every child's mind: We love BYU, and "hate the stinkin Utes". We bleed blue. Spencer and I could sing the BYU fight song when were were about 2 and usually one of the first things any of my cousins can say is "GOOOO Cougars!" Sydney used to fake cry whenever we'd drive past the U, and until recently my Dad refused to wear red. Most of my childhood we've had Football season tickets so naturally I've grown to love Byu football. I really do love it.

Like I was saying, the rivalry is a BIG deal, especially in Bountiful. The Junior High always had the Byu-Utah day and everyone would deck themselves out in either ute or cougar apparel. Then of course there were the few Utah State fans who are just to pansy to pick a side. All season long there is smack talk going on and I love it. Fosters, Mayfields, Fowers, Lakes, Troy, Brit and Alec were the ones I remember getting it from the most. It's always so funny to me that no matter how good or bad the teams are that year it doesn't matter, it's always a close game. The last handful of years I've gone to the game with my Dad, Ali, Spence and usually my Blake uncles. I can't explain the excitement of cheering on the cougars whether at Lavell Edwards or Rice Eccles Stadiums. Here's one of the best moments. Or this one. Yep that's the best.

It's also great to walk into church the next day to see all the humble Utah fans, some of them wearing BYU ties because of lost bets. It's always fun to see Stephen, Jacob, and Troy who always have an excuse for why the game was unfair, or how even though we won Utah is still better. On the flipside we are sometimes the ones humbled, whether by getting our lawn spray painted red in the shape of U, or have our BYU flag stolen and getting a U sewn over it.

It's been interesting living in California so far because all but one family in the ward are BYU fans. Although I like that for the most part I'm missing the Ute fans just for this week. I'm excited for the game and I'm excited for the facebook statuses and text messages that always follow. All I've got left to say is GO COUGARS!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

king of africa

Can I get a HALLELUJAH for a week long Thanksgiving break?? SO happy. It's going to be a great weak. Vegas till Sunday for the above pictured Lion King, Birthday and Spencer on Tuesday, homework, and just good times I can feel it. Ohh and Thanksgiving on Thursday! :)

I'm in the lion king mood so check this.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

model behavior

I just found this website. I like everything abo
ut it. Check it.

So far this week has been really good. School's been fun. I'm feeling more myself than I usually do here. I like it. One thing I do not like is that I'm always cold. It's the weirdest thing. It's not even cold here in California but I'm constantly shiver
ing. weird.

In art we get to do a painting on WOOD. YAY. I've wanted
to do that for a long time! I'm very excited. I bet you can never guess what I want to paint. I'll help you out: a chief with a bomb headdress. I hope it turns
out really cool, I'll keep you updated.

This was a random piece of art I did recently. It's kinda different but here ya go..

I really like this song. You've got to listen to the whole thing though. Lately I'm seeing some of my mother's influence on me. When I come home from running errands I pull in the driveway, put the car in park, turn on the warm air, and turn up the music really loud. And I just sit there. For a long time. It's SUCH an erin thing to do.

Finally, a few countdowns for your entertainment.
29 hours
5 days
7 days
38 days

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sometimes you are in shock, then reality slaps you in the face and it stings. Sometimes you turn on Colbie Caillat and Joshua Radin, jump in your bead, hide under the covers, and cry. You cry hard and it hurts. Sometimes you cry yourself to sleep. Sometimes you sleep until you're ready to be stronger. Well at least pretend you're stronger.
Sometimes you remember what a blessing he's been in your life. The trips up to the ranch, learning how to ride a horse, shoot a gun, drive the go-kart. Being tucked in to bed and being told Mr Creeps stories about two little girls and they're older brother, who were surprisingly similar to Spencer, Ali and me. Laughing so hard that we we
re crying, and just as we were finally calming ourselves down he would give his huge wheezy sigh and it would make us laugh all over again. Walking or driving through his little town of Red Lodge Montana and watching him wave hello to everyone. His lovely little home which always smelled like coffee. Being in a shop and seeing a snail beenie baby, sparkly and pink. Mentioning that I loved it quite loudly to my mom, and watching him quietly buy it for me and pass me the bag. Spending Christmas at the ranch and walking in to find the presents were stacked half way up the Christmas tree. To my delight, he insisted that I had to be Mary because I was the only granddaughter with brown hair. Seeing Santa's sleigh from his porch and getting very worried that he was so close and I w
as still awake. Reading his funny comments of facebook. Wearing the yellow LiveStrong bracelet in his honor. Many memories and more. I will miss him dearly. I love you Papa.