Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to BYU

I'm gona start off by saying I miss my family. Even if I don't call you very much MOM I still love and miss you. It was especially hard saying goodbye to baby Kate who thought I was going on a mission like Spencer so she was crying pretty hard. Well it's a weird feeling to say I'm actually a student at BYU and to  be finally moved into the dorms. I've wanted to come here for as long as I can remember and it hasn't disappointed. I came up a week earlier than most students to do the Late Summer Honors Course and I am sooo glad that I did. There were only 150 students and we pretty much had the campus to ourselves, no lines in the canon center, no one in the library, and just a few people walking around that you mostly already knew. I became friends with a little group there and it's been really nice to already have a basis of friends before school starts. The rest of the thousands of freshman came on wednesday and it's been fun chaos since then. It's insane how many people that you don't know walk past everyday. It's like the hunger games of friend making, everyone scrambling to meet people and establish groups and find cute guys and on and on. It's kind of stressing me out and exhausting too, but very exciting. 

It's been really funny catching up with my best friends from BHS. This was at the pep rally at the stadium which was complete with fireworks and t-shirts. Gotta love it. Sitting there watching the football film being played on their brand new screens was making me so giddy. I don't know what it is with my and BYU football but it's a sacred experience haha. 

 This is the late summer honors crew, Megz, Sedge, Lyman 6000, Mad-dawg, and TColt
 I took a class that was based of understanding our relationship with the spaces and architecture around us and trying to explain it. We had class up at Squaw Peak and wrote about the view, I loved it.
 We're still not quite sure what to do every night, we've taken a couple Denny's runs for the $2 unlimited Hot Chocolate.
 Lyman is always mixing things up like grapes and ice cream...
 I finally met my roommate! I had been living by myself for a couple of days and It's so exciting that she's now here! I feel like we already knew each other. We're gonna have a good year that's for sure.
 The denim hats. We bought out these denim hats and we wore them around campus yesterday haha we had quite the variety of opinions, some strange looks and then kids who thought they were awesome. Gotta love the DI.
 This is what the honors kids do for fun, watch foreign films in the basement wooo

 Black light mini golfing and lazer tag
My desk all decked out.

Meet Megan/Meg/Megz. We both did LSH and we instantly became friends. We both want to Minor in Art and are just oddly similar. We've been sticking together so far and it's been grand.

I'm really excited to go to church on Sunday and get to know a smaller group well, I've already met some fun kids and my ward seems awesome. I'm also excited for classes to start on Monday, wish me luck!