Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day Of School

La Canada has soo many little traditions, most of them having to due with seniors. Starting last night with the senior girl tping the junior girls. Seniors girls all get pink shirts that we wear the first day of school. Seniors always get red crowns for the first day and on assembly days. AND there is a senior breakfast in front of the North Gym on the first day. It's crazy but it's kind of fun. First day of school...ohhhboy. It was actually fairly good. Im making a lot of new friends this year and I have cool people in my classes this year. I love having a car and being able to drive myself to lunch. Chamber was good we already are sounding good and we're singing Water Night by Eric Whitacre. Love him, love the song. Look it up. I looove my Mirror Themes class already. Its an english class that brings in art history and theology and the teacher is just really good. Maddies happy about that. Geology will be fine, economics will be fine. Honestly I'm really excited to learn this year. My art portfolio class is going to be more intense and I'm ready to focus a lot more on my art. AND I dont even have a sixth period so I get to come home early every day. Now I'm just excited for seminary to start! That was completely serious, I am. It's Old Testament which I don't know very well so I'm pumped.
No matter what is thrown my way, no matter who it is from, I'm going to be fine. But I am going to do my best to eliminate unnessecary burdens and make this a great senior year. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

This summer's 3rd road trip to Utah

Syd has some gold faces
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Monday, August 8, 2011

a lovely day at the zoo

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 1/2 weeks gone

I'm finally home. For only a week but hey it feels good. I've been at trek, then to Utah, then to EFY, then to Girl's Camp in Santa Barbara. Let me dispel my words of wisdom from these past weeks, because I've learned a lot:
*it's not worth wasting your time trying to impress a boy that you're only going to know for one week
*"Never Suppress a Generous Thought"-Sister Kimball
      -probably one of the most important things I learned from EFY and it immediately was recorded into my memory and replays anytime I catch myself suppressing a generous thought which is sadly often.
*I'm really good at sliding right into the "sister/bff" mode for guys. You know you're nothing more than friends when they introduce you as a cousin so that girls don't think of you as competition hahaha, I'm totally OK with that though.
*I heard the phrase "be in the world but not of the world" again and I got something new out of it. I usually focus on the latter part of the quote but I realized that you have to have both parts. You really do need to be in the world so that you can influence others. I sometimes get so caught up in myself which is sad but I focus on just keeping myself full, when I should also be focusing on filling others as well. This year I'm making it a goal to be more "in" high school. I did a terrible job at this last year, I tried to stay as much out of it as possible. I'm going to embrace the traditions and games and clubs and everything else, minus the parties. I'm excited! I got my senior packet in the mail the other day and the senior bonfire and tp night is coming up soon. Also my senior portrait is on friday. Weird that I'm actually a senior and weird that I'll be 18 in about 4 months.
*I'm stubborn and I like to do things my own way sometimes. So when everyone else was making flower headbands I made this one-
*I love reading Psalms, those words are beautiful.
*Some people try so hard to fill their "need to be loved" with boyfriends/girlfriends but you really only need Christ to fill it.
*The desires or your heart are just as important as your actions. They go hand in hand. The girls camp leader signed me up to sing a solo/duet on the first night of camp but I only got about an hour or two to learn it at camp. I was struggling cause I had never heard it, it was super low and I was so caught up in making sure I would sound good and hoping people might be impressed. But right before the meeting started I caught myself and realized how selfish I was being. Instead I prayed that people would feel the spirit and the message of the song through me. It went better than I ever practiced.
*The feeling of being trapped is the worst ever. One night of camp Camille and I stayed up till 2:30 talking and we saw two mice in our room. Ever since our mice incident at our Bountiful house I've hated them. I was freaking out knowing I had to sleep in the room with them and terrified that I would wake up to a mouse crawling across my face haha. We ended up putting towels under the doors and I slept completely in my sleeping bag haha I survived:)
*Every girls camp should have a dance party.
*I miss Spencer so much it's crazy.
*It's easy to like people that like you, but we should focus more on liking those that don't like us.

well that's all. basically it's been a great summer and I can't wait for Lake Powell in a week!