Monday, July 18, 2011

Give Me This Mountain

Yes this was my second trek and no I wasn't that excited to go. But I'm glad I did. It was completely different than our Utah trek. The handcarts were heavier and the paths were not nice and straight it was a lot harder. But it was still fun. I was missing Spence a lot on this trek but thank goodness I had Ali there-honestly I would die without her. Something hit me when I was on this trek. When we found out we were moving I prayed SO hard that I could just have one good friend. One girl that understood me and that had my same standards that I could be best friends with. I was blessed with many friends but I just realized I had a more specific answer to my prayers. Ali is definitely that one friend. Others come and go, are fun at times and frustrating at others but Ali's solid. Anyway, back to trek. There was a hoedown which was lovely, embroidery, women's pull, testimony hill (straight up for 1/2 was reaaalllly hard but the watermelon at the top made it worth it), woodchopping, archery, gun shooting, visits from Porter Rockwell, good punch, and hole in the rock. It was good and I learned a lot and this time I actually felt a very strong appreciation for our pioneers. They're warriors. 
                                            classic sam. BFFS
                  I love Camille. Seriously she saved me this trek, can't wait for girls camp!
                                  Clara, Morgan, Kierstan, Kenzie, Eliza, Me
                                     Chad baby, love this boy
                              Elliot's a stud, we're going to be hanging out more
                      The boys had to carry all of the girls across the "Sweet Water River" But this is Sam carrying Chris Skaggs across haha
                     This guy was sweet, a real mountain man indeed
                                       Egyptian Rat Slap, we're addicted
                  I love my Ma. Seriously she's hilarious and just the best. Thanks Sister Grigg!
   My brother and one of my best friends Porter. They made him "die" one of the days and I actually cried. I love this kid, he reminds me so much of Spencer. Every night he would yell "BADDAYY" from the other side of camp, made me happy. Oh and he carried our whole cart, he's an ox.

We got home at 10pm Saturday night and a group of us were at the La Canada theaters at 10:10 to see Harry Potter 7 part 2. Not even time to shower, we're dedicated. It was GOOD. Ali and I have made a goal to take one photo booth picture a week this summer no matter where we are. We've done it so far but we were worried about being at trek and missing a week. However the movie theater had one so we got really excited and ran over to it with Camille. But because it was 12:35 and they were trying to get everyone out of the theatre it was off. But that didn't stop us, Camille plugged it back in and we rebooted it and quickly took our pictures and ran. It was hilarious, I don't know how we didn't get caught. It was a great weekend to say the least.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

introvert impulses

underwater spiders
girl with the plastic smile
name twins
teatherball of death
taxi services
holocaust fence
they're left to lovex3 then me
cat fingers
beck up loud
rugby is stepping up to satisfy
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

dont let me down

I LOVE camping
I dont love deflated air mattresses
I LOVE making new friends
I dont love how they always leave
I LOVE playing in the ocean
I dont love getting destroyed by waves but I always do
I LOVE being with my friends
I dont love explaining complicated games to people who won't listen
I LOVE harmonizing with friends
I dont love how I cant figure out the light writing thing for the 10th time
I LOVE when Kate is cute and talks and sings with my friends
I dont love this being healthy thing (I usually do but this weekend was rough)
I LOVE that I get to play keyboard for my friends band
I dont love that my bffs went jealous janeyboy haha
I LOVE that Eliza's finally home
I LOVE finding a random table on the top of a mountain
I LOVE finding old burned CDs...they're gems
I LOVE joking around with my uncles and aunts
I LOVE seeing shooting stars
I LOVE that I finally got into EFY!(thanks al) I LOVE life, but truly I do.
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