Tuesday, June 29, 2010

adding 2010 to the end of anything it makes it sounds way cooler.

GREAT NEWS: I have friends here. Exciting I know. I'm almost getting as excited as I do when i turn a corner. I think only Jane will get that haha. Anyway I got back from the La Cresenta Stake Youth Conference at Angeles Crest Christian Camp. (aka: ACC..C) I'll give you some of the highlights:
*kids here love the uke and making bracelets
*There are some really cool girls in my ward
*Brooke White spoke
*most people here love BYU
*there was a dance and some people danced crazy like me
*talking till 2 in the morning with some of the camp counselors about the gospel
*testimony meeting
*realizing all the guys i thought were cute are a year younger than me...that's ok right? haha
*getting to know people (thanks to my friend Maren who kno
ws everyone and immediately started introducing m
e, that helped A LOT!)
*holding two baby frogs that we named Lily, and Pad
Anyway it was a grand weekend and I'm very happy I went.
Me, Maren, and Kenzie

So the Millers are in town! I love being with Katie, Darcy's a huge help and Ben's just a cute little guy. Last night we went to Santa Monica. I. Love. Santa. Monica. We walked on the pier and 3rd street and of course got gelato! I'm going to the midnight showing of Eclipse tonight with some friends! Can't wait. the 4th of july is this weekend which just makes me happy.

Life's good. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well quick update:

We've officially moved. My last week in Utah was amazing. Trek was sooo fantastic and sooo much better than i thought it would be. I loved my family. (Courtney Powers, Annie Child, Justin Walker, Sara Van Orman, Gage Dietrich, Diane Graham, Danny Dawson, Michael Jarman, Brian Wooley) We were hilarious, or so we thought. We kept each other laughing and got along so well! There are a billion more things about Trek that I could tell you but i'm just don't want to write that much and i'm sure you don't want to read that much.
OK anyway... I got back to my hometown Bountiful on Saturday and back to my home to find everything was already packed. That was weird. That night i went to dinner with the girls and then had a bunch of people up at Jeff's to watch a movie and have a fire. I love my friends. I said goodbye to most of them that night but it didn't hit me that i was really leaving. Then Shelby, Berk, Jane and I talked for awhile and had a sleepover in my empty room. I love my room, it was so hard for me to leave my room and my house. Annyway...When Church ended i started bawling. I don't cry often, but when I do... i cry hard. I said goodbye to all of my wardies and friends. When I got home I ran into my room and just sat there on the floor and bawled. The rest of the family was packing up and i was just sitting there crying. About an hour later when i controlled myself we said our family prayer and then drove away from 1180 E. 1900 S., and out of Bountiful.
alright enough from Debby Downer here's the update i really wanted to blog about:

Sooo here we are.
La Canada is good. It seems kinda small but that could be fun. Our house is a cute little thing. Haven't met anyone yet besides the nice Relief Society President. But it appears there was a party down the street and Al-Gal and I were a little upset we weren't invited. Then Ali reminded me people have to meet you before you're invited to a party. We're going to stake youth conference on Friday. We'll see how that goes! I hope we meet some friends, and maybe some cute boys. They're having a dance which usually I'd be stoked about, well I still am excited, but i just have this feeling that they won't dance like we do back in Bountiful. Life here is good, it's so not Bountiful, but it is still good.
I miss the blvd. And I miss having friends. just throwing that out there haha Thank goodness we're going back in a month to visit, that's what's keeping me happy. After we get back from that trip is when I think it will really sink in. Especially when school starts. Well anyway It's all going to be OK :)

Alright that still wasn't super positive but i'm workin on it :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

its uphill from here

Alright folks, here it is, the last week left in my hometown Bountiful, Utah. What a weird thing to say. I went to EFY last week with my two best friends Camrie and Jane. It was so fun, amazing, wonderful, comforting etc. I haven't felt the spirit that strong in my life for a long time. I feel like since I've been struggling with the move I ended up getting more out of this week of EFY then any of my other times. Last week was hard, I cried quite a bit. Thursday, the spiritual day, was very cool. I bawled from the medley, all through testimony meeting, to when i went to bed. Thank goodness for good friends that's all I can say. As we were arriving to our dorms some dumb girl started singing 'till we meet again'. That made me cry again, not because I was sad EFY was almost over, it's because it's from then on I would be saying goodbye to so much. I ran into our dorms and straight into Camrie and Jane's room. I'm glad I have friends that can cry with me and comfort me. Don't get me wrong not all of EFY was like that at all it was such a fun week! :)

Camrie, Jane and I best friends since 3rd grade
I'm not really sad anymore. Today for the first time I'm not sad about the move. I'm getting kind of excited. I'm excited to meet new people, have new things to do. I'm excited to start a new adventure. I'm excited to have a new house to decorate and organize. I'm excited to explore a new town, have a new ward, and a new school. It's weird. I bet it won't last long, I bet i'll start crying tonight when we have the little "goodbye open house" thing. But for now it feels good. I know my Heavenly Father wants me in California, and I'm excited to find out why. Heavenly Father has a plan for all of our lives, it isn't always what we want, but it's always what we need. I know He'll take care of me in La Canada, California and I'm grateful to finally have peace about this move.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just in case you were wondering.

So as I am walking to my door, coming home from school, I realize my parents are in Cali and I will probably be the only home for a little while. no big deal. I walk inside and see the guitar, so naturally I grab it and start playing. I walk over to the computer pull up the words and tabs to my favorite song and am sooo close to just start singing my little heart away when some dude walks around the corner. I nearly had a heart attack. My mom failed to mention that the worker guys were fixing our pipes today. It's totally safe for me to be home alone with two stranger guys...haha it's ok they seemed normal.

The guy who came in first kept trying to make conversation. He'd ask a question, then right when i was about to respond he'd start drilling. really?? First off, I don't really want to talk to you. I'm perfectly fine just uploading my pictures on facebook in silence. Second, If you want to make conversation at least let me answer your weird questions. right? He kept talking to me when he was done drilling and then kept talking as he walked out of the room and down the stairs, and down the hall. what a strange fellow.

That little scenario reminds me of the dentist. When they ask you a question, you try to respond and they say, "Oh, please keep your mouth open dear." Do they not know that you have to move your mouth to talk. Someone should probably tell them.

Today in Biology we got done with correcting our assignments and all of us students were ready to go sit by our friends and talk, like we usually do when we have extra time. Instead Mr. Hathaway says, "Alright with the last 20 minutes of class we are going to talk about Bigfoot." And that is exactly what we did. He sounded pretty convinced that Bigfoot was real. We watched a tv show about the footage found of "Bigfoot". I just thought the whole thing was funny. It reminded me of a movie crazy Mrs. Hansen showed us back in 8th grade. It was all about the facts that prove dragons are real and once lived on this Earth. It was way weird. The other thing that was weird about that is that we watched that in an honors english class. What does that have to do with anything?

just a side note. If you want to drive an hour and a half to the salt flats, take some pictures, stop at a creepy gas station, get ice cream, then drive an hour and a half back, its a great idea.