Sunday, October 28, 2012


Just some lovely fall pictures with my girl Camrie.

BYU Museum of Art was my favorite place this week. I spent some time going through the fairly recent Andy Warhol exhibit which was lovely. The MOA cafe is also one of my favorite places to eat on campus! AND the museum store can keep me entertained for hours. There's a book there called "All my Friends are Dead."It's hilarious. If you ever see it in a bookstore take the time to read it cause it's the funniest little book i've ever read.

My bed=my real favorite place.
I thought this was pretty, the view from the top of the Utah Valley Convention Center
After a halloween dance party we all stopped at Sammy's for some pie shakes and burgers. I love this place, such a fun atmosphere and good food.

Mint oreo pie shake...I get it every time
Guys I got to hang out with pretty much all my favorite girl friends in one place.


Jane (she's a zombie tourist obviously)