Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Believe in America

 Well folks I just spent the last 5ish days campaigning in Las Vegas for Mitt Romney. Although we didn't get the results we wanted I had an amazing weekend and wouldn't trade it for anything. It was such an exciting feeling being a part of the team, even if just a small part. I met so many kind people and we all felt a bond by our hope for America. I learned so much about the race and the implications and I am very glad that I took the time to be involved. Every morning all of the volunteers (from Utah, Ido and California) met up for our morning rally, full of cheers and speakers to pump us up for the day. Then we set out in vans and started knocking doors. We had a list of people and we'd just knock and leave literature (political talk for flyers haha) at homes. They'd get us all together in the afternoon for a speaker and dinner then we had the night to ourselves. I went out on the strip twice with some friends and had a great time. I've always hated vegas, it's just dirty and nasty but I actually had fun this time. One of my favorite things we did was at the Coca Cola store. You can buy a tray of 16 coca cola sodas from all of the world, Watermelon soda from China, Mint soda, gross Italian soda. It was so fun to taste all of the different flavors. We also stopped by the M&M store and bought ourselves some patriotic red, white, and blue M&Ms. I also loveeed the fountain show at the Bellagio, so beautiful. The first night it went to "I'm Proud to be an American" which was quite fitting. It was overall a very fun weekend. I was so proud to represent the Romney Ryan team in Vegas and I will continue to pray for America and our President.



On a different note October has ended and November is in full swing. My Birthday month gotta love it. Here's a link to a new thing I'm starting, the Monthly Montage. A new friend I've made up here makes great weekly Monday Montages and I'm copying hit a bit. I've realized how fun it is to have a lot videos, so check out October's Video here.

On an Art note, my 2D design class decided to put up a show of our work on the 5th floor of the HFAC. The night before we were suppose to put it up I decided to stay up all night and turn one of my little church sketches into a nice little painting. Here it is. It's one of my favorite things I've done so far. That's why you've probably already seen in on Instagram and or Facebook. Sorry bout it.

Also I just happened to run into my Art teacher on Friday and his drawing club and they invited me to stay. It was with a lot of the Studio Art professors here at school including Brian Kershisnik who is a well known and awesome painter. It was really cool to sit in our their drawing club and listen to them talk about art and life. I think i'll go again this week.

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Lauren said...

Oh man I love that picture you did with the men in suits. Too cool!